Rescued in Miami


Posted: March 25, 2014 at 7:28 am

I am always on the road for work and competitions, and for adventure too! Trying new food is a great part of the travel experience, but leading up to a competition, I have to be vigilant. Work travel is often so rushed that its fast food on the go and not good local cuisine, so it is a great time to stay in control.

My top tips for looking bikini-ready straight off the plane, are:

1. Pack a lunchbox
Avoid airline food by taking that day’s meals in a lunchbox or cooler. This is a great defense against poor choices when tired or jetlagged or there are no healthy options.

2. Pack Snacks
Pack snacks like rice cakes and cans of tuna in checked luggage. I carry enough for my trip and slip one of each along with a piece of fruit from the breakfast buffet in my handbag each day I’m away.

3. Get Off the Menu
Get comfortable ordering “off the menu”. I like steamed or grilled chicken, fish and vegetables. Ask for meals cooked without butter or oil, and choose salads without bacon, croutons, cheese or dressing.

4. Water, Water, Water
Water is even more important when travelling. Dehydration compounds jetlag (and fluid retention!), so I aim to drink 3L of bottled water on travel days. If I struggle, I supplement with warm herbal tea.

See it, Land it!